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Event Codes

We've put together a table of the event codes available in our system. These are used to specify what your event is.

N.B. Not all events are listed as it would be infinite to list every distance possible. Pay particular attention to distance events as the format is repeated, e.g. 60m, 60H, 5k, 5 miles, 20km walk, 2000m steeplechase, relays, etc

Table of Codes

Event Code Note
High Jump HJ
Pole Vault PV
Long Jump LJ
Triple Jump TJ
Shot Put SP
Discus DT
Hammer HT
Javelin JT
Other Throw OT This is just used as a miscellaneous throw
60m 60 Any raw number is assumed to be in metres so 100m = 100.

Writing any number will give you that event in metres

60m Hurdles 60H Number+H denotes the distance in metres and hurdles so 110H is 100m Hurdles

Writing any number+H will give you that event in metres as a hurdles event

2000m Steelechase 2000SC Number+SC denotes the distance in metres and steeplechase so 3000SC is 3000m steeplechase

Writing any number+SC will give you that event in metres as a steeplechase event

20km Walk 20KW Number+KW denotes distance in kilometres (K) and that it is a walk so 50KW is 50 kilometre walk

Writing any number+KW will give that event in kilometres as a walking event

Decathlon DEC
Heptathlon HEP
Pentathlon PEN
Quadkids QUAD
Octathlon OCT
4X100m Relay 4X100 Simply do the number of people in the team X distance. I.e. 12X5000 would be a 12 person relay team doing 5k each
5km 5K Specify the unit by putting "K" at the end
5 miles 2M Specify the unit by putting "M" at the end
Marathon MAR
Half-Marathon HM
5 mile X Country 5MXC Denote the distance followed by unit (M=Miles,K=km,nothing=metres) followed by "XC"
Random event where higher is better, i.e. number of press ups H1 Can use H1 to H9
Random event where lower is better, i.e. quickest to complete 100 burpees L1 Can use L1 to L9
Events that have a set time rather than a set distance T30 The number is in minutes so this example is a Timed 30 minute run. T60 would be an hour

SportsHall Codes

Event Code
Standing Long Jump SLJ
Standing Vertical Jump SHJ
Standing Triple Jump STJ
Balance Test BAL
Speed Bounce SPB
Target Throw TART
Overhead Heave OHT
Hi-Stepper 4*8m 32H
Chest Push CHT
Shuttle Run 10m*10m 100
Indoor Javelin JT
800m 800
Shot Put SP

For help with the SportsHall concept and to learn how the events work and codes should be applied, please take a look at the handbook.