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Events Grid

Here you will specify all the events that exist in your competition. You can work through the grid in on the webpage or set it up on a spreadsheet and copy it in. The latter is probably easier as it is simpler to edit.

Manage - Events Screen

  • Num - Enter a number for your event(s). It can be simple as "1, 2, 3" etc or "R1, R2, R3", or you could use T&F numbers (i.e, T01, F01 etc) - whatever you want. If using letters, these MUST be capitals.
  • Event code - Enter your event code. You CANNOT just write whatever you want here. Please view the event codes page for the complete list of event codes to use.
  • Age Groups - This will default to the World Athletics or UKA defined age groups. List the age groups you want a given event to be available for. Put ALL if it is for everyone. As an example:
  • U15,U17,V35,V65 - this would be eligible only for the age groups listed and no-one outside these groups could enter
  • Please note you if you have ticked Categorise U20 as Senior in Config, this is for display purposes only; you still need to specify U20 in this grid to accept U20 entries.
  • Gender - Similar to above but use "M" and "F". Put "MF" for both genders.
  • Category - User defined. Can simply put "SW" or "WHEELCHAIR", etc. Note 1: You cannot have a duplicate event, which is defined by the same event code and category. You need to label a separate category if two events with same code.
  • Name - Name your event
  • Rounds - This column dictates the structure of the event and denotes whether there will be just one race or heats and finals. The number you type defines the number of heats and you can specify rounds using a comma:
  • 1 round with 1 heat: 1
  • 1 round with 5 heats: 5
  • 2 rounds with 5 heats and 1 final: 5,1
  • QF(4), SF(2), F(1): 4,2,1
  • Day - The day your event is on. If your event is just over one day then just put "1", otherwise write the day it takes place. If your event has multiple rounds, specify the day of Round 1.
  • R1 Time - As above, specify what time Round 1 is scheduled to take place.
  • Parent - This relates to Combined Events, such as heptathlon. See the section below. Leave blank if not doing a combined event.
  • Entries - This is just a simple count to see how many entries you have in a given event. Click the green "Count Entries" button for it to calculate.

Note: If you want to make sure your events are in chronological order but you are not sure of your final timetable, then just list them simply 1, 2, 3 etc. Once you timetable is finalised, click the RENUMBER EVENTS button.

Click SAVE when done.

Combined Events

You need to complete the "parent" column. Please complete it as per the image below.

Combined Events

As you can see the Decathlon has been given event "Num" 11. In the Parent column, for all events (10 in this instance) that belong to your master event (Decathlon), type the event number you gave to the master event (decathlon: 11).