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Training Manual - Team Manager: Team Entries


This will allow team managers to quickly add club members to specific events within a competition, making it very straightforward to do bulk entries for all types of competition.

This will allow you to add athletes depending on the event and age group to the competition you want. Just click on the athlete and move it over to the assigned list.

1.1 Introduction

One of the major purposes of the Federation Management System is to manage entries to competitions and assign competitors to events.

In order to do this the user needs to have Team Manager privileges. The organiser of your competition or your federation staff can give you this access so please contact them.

Once access privileges to the competition have been granted, you must be logged in.

Following this, navigate to the competition in question. From the homepage, click Competitions and then use the search bar to narrow the results field before clicking on your competition.

N.B. If you are trying to find a previous competition, click the Past tab first.

Once into your competition home-page, click TEAM ENTRIES.

1.2 Team Entries

From here, you can view the competitors and the teams entered to the competition.

If your club is not showing, your Team Manager privileges will show a button at the top right with the drop down of clubs you have access to add. Select the relevant club and add them in.

Example here is TUASK. From this page, you can view the competitors of this club and what events they are assigned to, either in List View or Grid View:

Both these pages show the same information but just in different formats. Although Grid View also allows you to view the Relay Entries. You can assign competitors to events by clicking the Manage entries button seen at the top right. The following screen shows the competitors that are available for your club. The screen below shows available athletes on the right and events in the pane on the left.

Clicking through the events on the left-hand side shows the age groups available for that event. For some competitions, there will just be one age group available (i.e. Seniors only) but many meetings, such as youth and masters competitions will have various age groups. For example, below you can see the different age groups that can enter the Pole Vault and 400m. Clicking on the events on the left and/or the age groups ar the top will change the available athletes showing up, depending on their age group and gender.

1.3 Assigning Athletes

To assign athletes to an event, firstly ensure that you have the correct event on the left selected and the correct age-group selected at the top. This will show all available athletes for these parameters.

Once you have chosen your athlete, to enter them do the following:

  • Double click on them, or
  • Single click to select and then click the left arrow

To reverse this and “De-Select” the athlete, do the opposite so either:

  • Double click on their name under the Assigned button, or
  • Single click on their name and click the right arrow

Once completed, click Save at the top right periodically.

1.4 Down-Aging

For Masters competitions, and various others, team managers may want or need to assign athletes out of category, for example "down-aging" - V55 competing with the V50s. This needs to be initially configured in the Configuration of the Competition Management. For those who have permission this can be managed from the manage button as seen in the image below.

Clicking the Don’t filter button will ignore the gender and age group category of the athletes and show all athletes for the given club.

This second image shows the option to tick to allow the out of category assignment.

1.5 When to close entries

This varies competition to competition. Depending on the organiser, they may “close the entries’ a few days before the competition, or even leave it open so team managers can adjust and switch people on the day. Ensure you check with the meeting director instead of leaving it too late for your entries.