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Virtual Race Setup - Checklist

We've put together a quick list of the most important things to sort when setting up your virtual race. When going through your set-up, it is an idea to check back against this list to answer some basic questions if things may not be working!

This is by no means the complete list of things you need to do though; please read the "SETTING A RACE UP" for this. However, if there is anything that you think we have missed that should be on this list, please let us know via email.

Checklist Item What To Do? Where Can I find it?
My Organisation Does it exist in the system? Search HERE
Payee Sync your Stripe account to OpenTrack's to take paid entries and/or accept donations Click HERE
Competition Name Have I set (a sensible) one? Basics tab or when creating the competiton
Competition Dates Is the start and end date set and correct? Basics tab
Competition Organiser Have I set the organisation?

NO entries can be taken until this is done
Basics tab
Manage Competition Have I clicked "Manage Competition"? Basics tab
Who Can Enter? Define who can enter the competition Configuration Tab
Results Submission Set your submission times

(Start time = day 1, End time=last day of competition)
Configuration Tab
Create Your Events Load in from a spreadsheet for speed Events Tab
Entries Config Set up your pricing, open your entries, help text, additional info, YOUR contact details, charity donations, etc.

Make sure you turn off the QP,SB,PB boxes

Events Tab
Set your home page display Any competition rules, details, info you want for the public Display Tab
Scoring Rules Create your club scoring methods for this competitions Display Tab