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Release Notes

Starting in summer 2021, we're trying to document changes here. In the past we have sometimes been too busy building and fixing things to tell people what's new. So, please keep an eye on this page! As time permits, we will try to link to documents or examples, and pictures to illustrate each point. But if it's not yet obvious how to use a feature mentioned below, please email us and we'll tell you.

14 July 2021 - new TV Console

Our TV console has had a major overhaul. It now provides live notifications on screen as you record field events, or as track results first arrive. There's a good example of a live stream using it here..

June/July 2021 - Miscellanous new features and fixes

  • 21st July 2021 - New pdf that will generate bibs alongside the competitor name and event. Currently available for Surrey, can be made visible to all.
  • 10th July 2021 - "Start list" summary to display all athletes who have entered into an event. This will also display who has not yet been seeded into a start list.
  • 7th July 2021
    • Ability to override the placings given to athletes so those (e.g. guests) who should not receive a placing can be overriden
    • Ability to override combined events scoring, in case our system gives the wrong value (e.g. it's a new event we never had factors for)
  • 5th July 2021 - New competition entry restrictions features. You can now block athletes who select a club not on a predefined list, or allow them to enter but as a non-scorer. So if a meeting is for a league of 8 specific clubs, you can restrict to them.
  • 1st July 2021
    • Users can now change / update their emails from the User Profile page.
    • Users can correct their own Dates of birth, if wrong.
  • 16th June 2021 - Remote check-in so athletes can confirm their attendance at an event in advance and remotely (in beta testing)
  • 6th June 2021 - Competition directors can refund participants directly from the Manage screens without OpenTrack intervention
  • 2nd June 2021 - Form guide to show the best three performances in the past two seasons for an athlete over any event type. Contact us to switch this on for an elite meeting.
  • 20th May 2021 - Multiple improvements to PDF results including athlon points, summary pages showing the fastest across several heats, and general display upgrades

15 May 2021 - Move to Amazon Web Services

After five years running on our own servers, it became clear we had to be able to handle spikes in loads during competitions, and that we'd need to keep doubling our capacity every year. So, after three months of very hard work, we are now on Amazon's auto-scaling, self-healing architecture. This means that...

  • performance and page loads should be fast almost all the time
  • if we get a lot of use (e.g. on a busy Saturday), extra servers get switched on
  • if something goes badly wrong, Amazon just takes that server out of action and makes a new one, "fixing" things within a minute or two.