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Signing Up and Entering Races

This page is for first-time users wanting to enter a competition.


OpenTrack is the complete system for entering athletics events.

If you are entering a competition with just a single race for the first time, it can seem more complex than necessary. We're sorry, but we also commonly have to handle:

  1. Remembering your details for next time
  2. Entering lots of people in an athletics meeting (e.g. you enter ten kids from your club)
  3. Selecting events (e.g. 800m or Shot Put)

A quick read through this page will take about 2-3 minutes, and hopefully tell you what to expect.

Key Steps

  1. Sign up for an account on OpenTrack
    • Fill in some basic personal details such as name and nationality.
    • wait for a click-on an activation email.
  2. Select an event to participate in from our list of competitions
    • Click the green 'Enter Here' button to begin.
    • Or if you want you can choose to make your own event.
  3. Add athletes to a basket (usually just yourself)
    • confirm who is entering (probably yourself, but it might not be - e.g. your child, in which case choose the second option and enter a name, if they are not in the database there should be a new athlete option in the menu that drops down)
    • say who you are running for today (usually your regular club, but it might be for a university, or school, or something ephemeral like the pub darts team, depending on the competition)
    • select the events you want to compete in. If there's just one, it will be pre-ticked, so just click 'OK'
    • there may be extra options, like buying a T-shirt
    • there might be a charitable donation
    • there might be extra info required by some organisers, like Emergency Contact info at a physical race.
    • Repeat for more athletes, if entering friends, partners or a team
  4. Confirm or Pay.
    • If there's money involved, click on the Pay button and get out your credit card
    • If there's no money, make sure you click the Confirm button!
    • Check for a confirmation email.

If you've done it before, entering a race will take about one minute. Also, if the competition is a series, like the England Weekly 30, you don't need to enter every time.