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The OpenTrack Platform

OpenTrack is the complete modern platform for athletics and virtual events.

Our open cloud platform saves time for organisers and volunteers and makes it more fun for participants, helping the sport to grow.

If you want to run an entire athletics meeting from entries to results then our system is designed specifically, for athletes by athletes, to handle everything from local open meetings through to international level competitions.

The Documentation

This website is designed to help you prepare all your competitions requirements. We have detailed documention on every aspect of the OpenTrack platform that explains exactly how to setup and run your meetings.

The system has been designed to be as quick and simple to use as possible but the complexity of our sport means that some aspects may take a little "getting used to". Please pay particular attention to the manual whenever you run into the trouble as all the answers are in there.

However, the system is always constantly evolving with new features added, sometimes, on a daily basis. Therefore the manuals will consistently be developed too. We will do our best to keep them up to date but sometimes manuals may fall behind on the features.

Please post a question on our forum if you run into trouble or view our video help section!

Significant Partners

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