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API Documentation

We are trying to provide useful APIs to help federations and service providers to integrate better. We also try to be as open as possible with the data, while respecting GDPR and the integrity of the results and meetings.

We have had a few implementations of our APIs over the years. Going forward, we intend to support one approach based on URL patterns like


1. Log in and get a JSON web token

import requests
import os

username = os.environ.get("username", "")
password = os.environ.get("password", "apitest")

r1 = + 'api/get-auth-token/', data=dict(username=username,
    token = r1.json()["token"]
    print("Got a token: %s..." % token[0:30])
except KeyError:
    print("Unable to authenticate, check credentials")

2. Check authentication with hello API

r2 = requests.get(BASE_URL + "api/hello/", headers={
                  "Authorization": "Token " + token