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Onboarding clubs and schools

This document covers best practices in setting up a small federation, a network of schools, or a group of clubs in a league.

Some of our customers are small countries; others are clubs. Behind the scenes, organisations can affiliate to one another, such as a club being affiliated to a league or a national governing body.

Somebody - we'll call them the Federation Administrator, or FedAdmin for short — needs to take the lead. We'll work with them to create their organisation record, and to create the clubs or schools if they aren't already in the database.

The FedAdmin can then invite people by email to become the Administrators - ClubAdmin for their clubs or schools.

Inviting Team Managers

Inviting Team Managers

A ClubAdmin can edit basic details like address, logo, a flag for results; and can invite other people in turn to be club administrators, competition organisers, treasurers and so on.

The ClubAdmin will then typically use our Bulk Add function:

Adding Members

They would prepare a spreadsheet of members (name, gender, date of birth) which they add to the club.

Adding Members

For schools, the teacher would typically add in the kids likely to be competing in athletics at the start of the school year.

Then, when a match is organised - either by the federation or any club or school - our Team Declaration screens are available. You can just select the right athletes into the right events with a click or two, and can even adjust this on the day with a mobile phone. People love this entry system and find it very easy to use.

Access team Declarations

Making team Declarations