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European Athletics Calendar

This page contains some instructions for federation administrators. You can access the calendar database here.

If you need any help, please contact Kevin Legrand at and OpenTrack Support at


OpenTrack provides a large database of competitions. Anyone is free to create a competition at any level of the sport. We hope that in time it will become a standard reference for the sport

In December 2020, the European Calendar data was transferred to OpenTrack; and from October 2021, member federations are being asked to input their main competitions here directly.

We have created a special site for the staff of Member Federations to make it easier to input your major competitions. You can see competitions in all countries, but will only be able to add and edit your own. It loooks like this until you log in.


If we manage athletics in your country, you may already be using a site such as and used to creating competitions there. Or, you might be using the public site which lets anyone add a competition. Don't worry, any competitions you create are still safe! We are doing enhancements to the other sites in October and early November 2021 so that they will all have the same look and feel.

Gaining access to your country

For a limited time only (October 2021) we are allowing Federation staff to sign up directly to this site; after that you will need to be explicitly invited. If you have NO account on Opentrack, go to the top right corner and click "Sign Up", under the login dialog. After you complete your profile and click the usual email confirmation, you should be given "Federation Admin" rights to your country.

If you DO have an account on OpenTrack, but cannot see the listing of competitions, contact us and we will grant the correct rights. This might be because you used OpenTrack for a different purpose.

Viewing the Competition Listing

Clicking on competition calendar will take you to a page listing competitions. If your have rights to manage a country (we have used Estonia in this example), clicking here will take you directly to a page like this , showing competitions in Estonia in the current year (2021 at the time of writing)


If you are European Athletics staff, we'll start instead at the "top level" showing all countries and all time.

At the top of the listing, we can see some of the navigational options:

  • Home (all competitions) - This option will take us directly to This is the page you will be taken to directly if you have no nationality attached. This is the list of all competitions.
  • / 2021 / - This option will take us directly to This is the list of all competitions in 2021.
  • Estonia - This isn't hyperlinked because it represents the current url and tells us which country we're in. This signifies we're seeing all competitions in Estonia for a certain year.

  • In the top right we have a list of the current selected year along with the preceeding and following year. This year defaults to 2021 and is selectable if no year is present. This allows you to cycle through years as seen below, and if you have a certain country in the url, it will retain that country. Without a country in the url this will just cycle through the competitions for a given year.


If you have no relevant nationality linked to your user though an attached person, then you will see a page like this:


Here we can see a country dropdown in the top left so that you can navigate to a relevant country. If you're already filtered to a certain year this will take you to /<year selected>/<country selected>/. Otherwise it will default to /<current year>/<country selected>/

When you click on a competition it will take you to an edit page if you have appropriate permissions for that country. Generally you can't edit competitions in somebody else's country, and will only see a brief listing in the table.


Copy or Create?

There are two ways to create a competition:

  • If it was set up in OpenTrack previously, you can click into the edit page, and copy it. This is best for federations using OpenTrack to manage competitions, as it will keep all of your detailed settings. You could then make minor changes later, either on this site or your country site.

  • If it wasn't set up in detail, you can just click "New Competition"

We will go through the second one first, as this is what most of you will use. In future seasons, we encourage you to copy and set the new date.

Creating a new Competition

Once on your country page, click the New Competition button. (If you are logged in and cannot see it, contact us)


Step 1 - what, where and when

After clicking this button, it will take you to this page


Step 2 (maybe) - Duplicate detection

We try very hard to avoid duplicate competitions. Bear in mind that anybody (such as the meeting organiser, who is not always in your federation) could have created the competition already, maybe with a slightly different name. So, if we find any other competitions in the same city and on the same date, we ask you if it's the same one, or a new one, like this:


Selecting "It's a new one" creates the competition and then takes you to this edit page. If it looks like someone else created it already, you can look and edit it.

Step 3 - more details

Once we know it's not a duplicate, the competition exists in our database, and you can add more details, lower down on the page. The page below gives access to the most common fields, used for calendar purposes. (If you want to add real detail, for example to manage the competition, go and find it on, where you can access everything.


Copying an existing Competition

If you're on an edit page like the screenshot above, you will see the blue Copy button which will allow you to copy the competition. It will prompt you to enter a new date of the form dd-mm-yyyy such as 23-12-2025.


Entering a new date will take you to the same edit page as when you create it from scratch.


If the competition date is already taken for a matching competition, it will just redirect you to that existing competition.


Hopefully the remaining fields are clear, but if not, contact us and ask!

Finally, if you are looking for a way to manage these competitions easily, from entries through to live results, or for a system to manage your federation, please contact OpenTrack on!