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Object URLs and Slugs

We try to give each thing in athletics a unique URL on the web, which is reasonably friendly and obvious. For competitions, the pattern is /x/<countrycode>/<year>/<slug>. the /x/prefix means "competition"

The term slug comes from the news industry, because news web sites often generate unique URLs from the title e.g /2016/uk/the-world-goes-crazy. We find everyone instinctively understands URLS like this:


Slugs should be as short as possible while still making sense. You can pick it, but please consider the patterns below.

They should NOT include the year, because we always have that in our URLs already.

A useful rule of thumb is that slugs should be simple, descriptive, and memorable!

Here are some ideas to encourage regularity...

National championships of various kinds

nc = Senior (or all-age) National Track and Field championships
nc-i = National Indoor Track and Field
nc-xc = National Cross Country Championships
nc-ce = National Combined Events Championships
nc-rw = National Race Walking Championships

nc-hm = National Half Marathon championships

For age groups below senior, you can suffix an age group:

nc-u16, nc-u23, ncxc-u20

Well known meetings happening once a year

Just abbreviate it to something everybody understands. This way, everyone can guess the URL to last year's, or next year's competition.


Think carefully about including a sponsor's name.


What happens if the Muller contract ends? Then we get a few years of this slug, and a different one the next year, for the same competition. So we discourage sponsor names unless it's a really long standing arrangement (like Estonia's chocolate manufacturer, Kalev, who have sponsored athletics for a long time!)

Regular meeting series

watopen01...watopen12    = the 12 Watford AC Open Meetings each year in the UK