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Road / XC Relay Declarations

When declarations are open and you are ready to declare your squad, click the TEAM DECLARATIONS button.


You will now see the clubs that you have Team Manager access for. If you do not have access to make declarations for the club that you need, please contact the meeting director who can send you an invitation to become a Team Manager.

Select your Club

Click the EDIT button. Ensure that you then select the RELAY TEAMS tab.

You will then see the relevant events on the left and the teams you have entered on the right. On the example below, there have been four teams entered for the Men’s Road Relay, hence the A, B, C & D teams.

Declaring Athletes

To make the declarations, find the athlete you want, by scrolling or using the search bar. Once you have found them, click on them, and then click the left arrow, or just double-click them. You can move them back by using the right arrow or double-clicking on them again.

Declaring Athletes

N.B. If your athletes do not appear, it may be that the meeting organiser has selected "licensed athletes only" and the athlete in question is not registered with the relevant governing body. Contact the meeting organiser to query this.

Once they are on the left, you can move them up and down the running order by using the up and down arrows.

Adjust Running Order

Click Save when done.