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Old API - Uploading Results

This was developed between 2017 and 2019. It is now deprecated in favour of the approach.

Uploading competition results

OpenTrack can accept a description of a competition in JSON format. The format is pretty much the same as the one available for downloading. This is the preferred way for Federations to submit data form national systems; it will end up published as Open Data, and we will notify IAAF and European Athletics that it is available.

However, we are quite demanding; the data must be correct and complete, with a full series of throws or jumps.

To use the upload API, you need to contact OpenTrack and arrange credentials. We will carefully check the first few uploads; the number of people/federations sending us this day is very small, so we're happy to provide support.

Test Harness

A test harness is available here. This lets you validate JSON packets simply by copying and pasting, and also has basic instructions

API Creation

The actual request should be a POST to /x/api/create/. It can be multipart-form-encoded using parameters data=, like the demo web form; or you can send the raw JSON as the POST body.