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Competition Management

Competition Management Quick Links - Set Up Competition Management Quick Links - Running the Meeting
Create a meeting Using the Check-in Features / Call Room:
- Check-in for entire competition
- Check-in per event / call room
- Mailing Check-in
Set up a Stripe Account Remote Check-in
Basic Information TV Console
Competition Info Display Changing Event Start Times
Invite officials Seeding events
Set up my events Advancing Through Rounds
Events - Advanced Configuration Integrate with PhotoFinish
Add athletes to my competition Hand Timing Track Events
- Eligibility
- Open Entries
- Pricing
- Chargeable Extras
- Help Text & T&Cs
- PB/SB Collection
- Custom Questions & ICE Info
- Event Restrictions
- Charity
- Editing Entry Data
- Marking Entries as Paid
Post Race Results Input:
- Track
- XC / Road Manual Input
- XC / Road Recorder
Team Entries:
- Assigning TM Access
- Open Entries
- Assigning Access
- Using the Feature
- Qualifying Performances
- Down-Aging
Adjust Timing Precision
Relay Entries:
- Setting Up Road / XC Entries & Declarations
- Road / XC Relay Results Input
Overriding Combined Event Scores
Withdrawing Entrants Live field event recording
Refunding Entry Money Changing Event Status
Set up Teams Automated field cards
Scoring setup:
- Pre-Configured Scoring (T&F)
- Configurable Scoring (XC/Road)
- Combined Events Scoring
Post field event results input - horizontal
Number my participants Post field event results input - vertical
Email my entrants High Jump / Pole Vault Jump Off
Renumber Events Overriding Result Placings
Merge Events Overriding Scores
Field Event Cuts & Reverse Order
Assigning "non-scorer" status
Form Guide
PB / SB Data for Seeding and Information
Record Performances


Organise a Track & Field meeting Organise a Road or XC race Organise a Relay race