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Club Administrator


This is a manual for clubs in countries using our Federation Management System. Clubs may appoint one or more administrators who will be given access to their club’s data. They can currently:

  • Add new members to the system
  • Edit details about their club members
  • Request annual licenses from the federation

You must have a login and to be setup with authority over your club, contact your own federation to get set up.


If this manual does not help, contact your national administrator:

Logging in and changing your password

Please click the LOGIN/SIGNUP button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. This will take you to a page as seen below where you can login or click the forgot password button if you need to gain access to your account.

Managing your club

To get to your club page click on your name in the top right hand corner to go to and manage your club page.

Club Page

There are two main areas to the club page. A main one for club and athlete details and a coach area on the right.

  • All registered athletes appear here. Click on the yellow paper airplane icon to send a licensing request. You can also use the text field next to the yellow cross to search an athlete by name. The list filters upon each letter that you add.
  • You can edit some fields about the club. Expand the info, contact info or flag/crest/logo boxes, this will let you see some sections you can edit by clicking on them.
  • Add a new member is on the bottom right of the page.

On the right hand side we can see buttons to download details of your membership, in PDF and Excel format, at any time.

Licence Status

The licence status varies:

1. Non-authenticated users will see:

  • A green tick if the licence is currently active,
  • No icons for all other statuses.

2. Authenticated (logged-in) users will see:

  • A green tick if the licence is currently active,
  • A paper plane if the license is expired but can be renewed.

Licencing process

If a licence is marked for renewal, it will be set to pending, this can be cancelled with a red cross. Every night the federation will get an email alert with the athletes waiting, and will send you an invoice. When licensing is complete, you will get an email, and the validity of the license will be extended.

Annual license numbers are no longer necessary.

You can also send for licensing from the athletes page itself.

Adding athletes

At the bottom of the page there is a button to add the athlete


In Estonia they use a social security number, which is publically known and encodes the date of birth. In all other countries we ask for the D.O.B. instead. If the person is new it will be added, if they are already existing a warning will be given and the federation notified before they can be licensed.

Adding coaches

In case the list of coaches on the top right of the screen is not accurate, you can add a new coach by entering a name in the field below the list, and then clicking on the blue button to its right. You can only enter a coach from the federation’s list of all coaches. When you start typing, a list of suggested names will appear below. Click on the one that you want, and the coach will be added to your club.

Expiring an athlete's club membership

These steps do not remove or delete an athlete from the system, they simply set an expiry date for an athlete's club membership.

  • Below we can see a blue button to the right of a record that appears when hovering over it:

  • You can remove an athlete from the club or change the dates the license applies to by using this button. Below we can see the menu that pops up after clicking on it: