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Signing Up and Entering Races

This page is for first-time users wanting to enter a competition.

Sign up for an OpenTrack account

  • First fill in some basic personal details such as name and nationality.


  • Wait for an account activation email.

I can't find the email

If you don't think you've received an email, check your spam, and please make sure you're able to receive emails from

Select a Competition

Add Athletes

  • Confirm who is entering the competition.


If you are entering your child, coached athlete, etc., choose the second option and enter their name. If they are not in the database, select NEW ATHLETE+.

  • Select an organisation to compete for.


Usually your regular club, but it might be for a university, school, or other organisation.

  • Select the events to compete in from the list available.


  • There may be extra stages, for additional purchases, charitable donations, or to input information required by some organisers, like Emergency Contact info at a road race.

Multiple Athletes

  • Repeat the process above for more athletes, if entering multiple children, friends, partners, or a team.

Confirm and Pay

  • If there's money involved, click on the Pay button and get out your credit card!
  • If there's no money, make sure you click Confirm!
  • A confirmation email should land in your inbox with all the details of your entry, with a further receipt email coming via Stripe, our payment provider.