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League Management

With OpenTrack helping multiple leagues operate from first declaration to final relay, this page contains all you need to know about how to run your league meeting on OpenTrack.

For League Administrators

Inviting Team Managers

You will be able to invite team managers in the Manage Officials tab of a competition.

For a full run-through of the process to add an official, please see our Officials Management Screen documentation.

For leagues, it is strongly recommended you 'make permanent' the team manager roles. This will allow the team manager to manage any meeting their club is involved in, rather than just the one you using the 'Add Official' button in at that time.

For Team Managers

Getting Set Up

You can view the current list of team managers for your club, by going to a club page such as this one, and navigating to the officials tab.

League administrators are responsible for setting up team managers for their leagues. You should receive an invitation via email to be a team manager.

If you have not received an invitation to manage your club, please contact the league administrator.

  • For the NAL, please contact in the first instance.

Declaring Teams

Team declarations are made through our team entries portal.

If you are correctly set up as a team manager, the match is set up with your club as one of the teams, you will see your club listed, ready to take declarations.

If an athlete is not available to select for you in the list, please try updating the list of club athletes using the Sync from EA API button.

For Host Clubs

On the day, you will hopefully look to integrate photofinish into OpenTrack, as well as potentially utilise live field recording.

The combination of these two can allow up-to-the-minute scoring - for spectators, stadium announcers, parents and team managers alike, and we highly recommend it!

Photofinish Integration

For all the information on setting up your photofinish system for live results on OpenTrack, see our Photofinish Integration page.

Live Field Recording

All the information on live field recording can be found here.

For the NAL, live field recording is not compulsory, but is encouraged if officials/volunteers are available.

Manual Recording

If you end up needing to input results manually, details can be found on our Results Input page.


Live scoring for each event can be accessed from the competition homepage.