National Federation Administration


This is a manual for federations on our federation-specific websites:

Getting Help

If after reading this manual your issues remains unsolved please direct your query to

Federation Roles

There are two types of roles in the system for Federation staff who could belong to both or either groups:

1. Admin rights

  • License renewal approvals
  • Expiring athlete membership of a club
  • Uploading athlete photos
  • Rights for creating and configuring competitions.

2. Email Recipient rights

Recieve a daily email confirming:

  • License renewals for the previous day.
  • Renewal requests issued by Clubs.

Test Server

There is a test server available for federation staff to use following the format:

https://test-< insert federation name here >


This is useful for staff aiming to test functionality before trying it on the live site.

Please be aware that a daily automated job overwrites the test site database each morning at 3:30am GMT meaning any changes may be lost.

Test Accounts

There is an existing test account for National Federation Administration. This account is under Estonia Federation Administration. This account is usable on both the live and test servers, Though it is highly recommended that you stick with the test server to test licence renewals, etc.

2. Testing Estonia Federation Administration

  • Username/Email: estonia_fed_test
  • Password: f4d_1es1

This account can:

  • Authorise or decline the renewal of a licence.
  • Edit member personal details.
  • Edit coaching information (link/unlink athlete to coach)