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API - Downloading Results

Formerly this is part of our "old API" using the camelCase convention, but we will maintain all the JSON URLs going forwards.

The long term plan is to have a 100% static copy of each competition, no more than a few minutes old, in static storage so that it can take high loads without impacting our servers. When we do this (possibly 2022), the new JSON files will use the under_score convention.

Downloading Competition Data

OpenTrack believes that, as far as possible, Athletics Data should be open data and freely available. The only exception to this is dates of birth; generally, APIs will give the age of the competitor, unless you are logged in as an authorised director of that competition, a national federation or an approved statistician.

You can therefore download data from any competition at any stage in its lifecycle:

  • Calendar entries only saying what/where when.
  • Entries - when people or teams have stated their intent to enter. The programme of events is usually available at this stage.
  • Start lists - after seeding and detailed planning.
  • Results - when the competition is in progress or finished.

The format is always the same, what we call the OpenTrack-Lite competition schema. The easiest way to understand this is simply by looking at URLs in your browser. These are made by suffixing 'json' to URLs specific to the competition. AS an example, we will take the Wales / England Indoor International in March 2019. You can browse it here:

The following URLs can be clicked on and browsed:

To Be Documented

  • Uploading competition data to an existing competition
  • Push notifications
  • Description of JSON structure