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If you are running a permit meeting and you need to input your results post meeting then please use the following as a checklist:

(We will be adding further check point notes about the system as a whole in due course)

Time Period What to do How
4 weeks before

Check your organisation exists in the system

Create your competition

Invite your officials

Setup my Organisation

Create my competition

Invite Officials

1 week before

Load your events

Load your competitors

Number your competitors

Load my events

Load my competitors

Number my competitors

Immediately After

Input your track events

Input your horizontal field events

Input your vertical field events

Input track/running events

Input field events

Input field events

When finished

Check your events are all complete

Finalise your results

Head to the Events page of your competition and check they are all green for "complete". If not . . .

Individually mark them as Official, or go to Manage->Finalise and MARK ALL RESULTS OFFICIAL. This will send your results to the relevant statisticians.