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License My Athletes

This page provides club administrators information on how to license their athletes with their national federation.

  1. Login to your account or sign up
  2. Navigate to your club's profile page
  3. Add new members or request licences for existing members

Logging In

To start, head to the homepage of your federation site. For this example, we are using Northern Ireland.

Firstly, log in using the LOGIN / SIGN UP button to the top right of the page. If you do not have a log in, then click the "sign up" button. Once logged in, you will see your name at the rop right of the screen.

Log In

Finding Your Club

Already a Club Admin

If you have already been assigned the role of club admin in OpenTrack, you can click your name to view the dropdown options and navigate directly to your club's profile page.
In this example, the user is already a club admin for ACORNS AC. To go directly to your club, you can click the MANAGE ACORN button.


Not Yet a Club Admin

If you are not yet a club admin, then you will need to request access from your federation or from another administrator for the club. You can navigate to your club via the club page. To do so, click CLUBS from the red toolbar at the top of the page.


Search for your club from here and click the relevant option.

Membership Page

You can click the OFFICIALS tab to see if there are any administrators for the club already so you know who to contact. The image below is the view of someone who is a club admin already; they have the ability to add new officials.



Once you are a club administrator, you can see a list of all the athletes in your club alongside their license status. We have hidden the dates of birth and ID numbers for privacy reasons.

Members (DOBs and IDs hidden for privacy)

If you hover over the airplane symbol on the right, you can see when the current license expires. The airplane button will actually only appear if the license is due for renewal. When the athlete is up for renewal you can click the airplane button:


This will send an email to the Federation staff who can issue the new licenses.

Newly Licensed

Adding a New Member

If you have a new member you wish to add to the club to subsequently license then click the blue ADD A MEMBER+ button.

This will open up the box to add a new athlete.

Adding a New Member

First of all, search for them in the OpenTrack database by typing their name in the "lookup athlete . . . " box. If they appear then click their name, fill in any missing data. If they do not appear then simply fill in the details of the new person.

Click SAVE.

The new athlete will be added to the club, and be displayed on the club members list:

New Member

Licensing the new athlete

You will then need to apply for a licence for the new athlete you have created.
You can do this in the same way as outlined above, by clicking the airplane button on the list of club members.

Members list