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UKA Registration Statuses

Checking Licence Status

England and Wales

Trinity is the portal used by England and Wales to manage athlete licencing.

If you have the URN, or the full name and date of birth of an athlete, you can check whether they are licenced using the online licence checker.

This checker gives a 'Yes' or a 'No' response, but does not always tell the full story.


At present, Scotland does not have a method of checking whether an athlete is licenced or not - we receive a monthly update from Scottish Athletics, but have no way of being up to date.

Northern Ireland

OpenTrack manages all licencing for Northern Ireland. To check if a Northern Irish athlete is licenced, simply visit the Northern Ireland athlete search page and search for the required athlete.

UKA API for England and Wales

At OpenTrack, we have access to the Trinity database through an API (application programming interface, simply a way to send data between systems).

Instead of a simple yes/no on whether an athlete is registered, the API gives us a detailed registration status, as well as enhanced club details (second/higher/multiple first claim clubs) and various other details.

Whilst there are sometimes discrepancies between the API and the online licence checker, these are rare.

The four athlete registration statuses given by the API are:

  • Registered
  • Resigned from Club
  • Awaiting Registration with Club
  • Membership with Club Lapsed

Whilst the exact meaning of these statuses are not clear, we understand the following:

  • 'Resigned from Club' - The athlete has actively chosen to resign the club they are listed under, but has not yet joined another club
  • 'Awaiting Registration with Club' - The membership secretary of the athlete's current club still has outstanding actions to take within Trinity to complete registration
  • 'Membership with Club Lapsed' - The athlete has not renewed their membership within a certain period, and it has lapsed. They should be able to simply renew with this club. To join another club as a first claim athlete, the athlete will either need to wait three years after the lapsed membership has expired (see UKA Rule G2 S3 8), or submit a club transfer request if within that period, which has to be approved by both their old club, and England/Welsh Athletics.

Almost always, you can ensure you are registered by contacting the membership secretary of your club, who can see the details of your registration within Trinity.