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Oxfordshire Cross Country League

Team Manager Entry Instructions

Do I Have Access?

To make entries for your athletes, you will need to have an OpenTrack account with access for your club.

You can check if you have access by going to your club’s page on OpenTrack. To do this, head to the club listing page. From here you can search for your club. When on this page, there is an Officials tab. You can see who is listed as an official for your club. The two official types able to make declarations are Club Admin and Team Manager. If you are listed as one of these then you already have access. So, log in and head to the League page. If not, please contact the OXL who will be able to send you an invitation. If you already have an account, then this invitation will provide access to your existing login. If you do not have an account then you will be prompted to complete a sign-up form and, when complete, you will then be assigned access.

Entering Athletes

Head to the OXL page and choose the relevant season. You will now see a list of all the clubs in the league for that season, along with their bib allocation.

League Teams

Click on the club that you want to make entries for. The following page will show you the athletes already assigned. To add more click the ADD MORE ATHLETES+ button.

Entering Athletes

To add athletes, you can double click on the athlete or click once and use the arrow function in the middle. To remove them, you can do the same. Athletes already entered will be “greyed out” and not selectable to avoid duplicates.

The SYNC FROM EA API button is there to fetch any newly licensed athletes who are not appearing.

When you have made your selection, click the CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT.

N.B. Entries are not saved until you pay for them. If you navigate away from the page, you will need to make your selections again.

Entering Athletes2

Once on the payment page, complete the transaction as normal.


You can now view the athletes you have entered:

Entering Athletes2

What do if my athletes are not showing in my club list?

As per OXL regulations, only licensed athletes will show on the list that you are able to select from for declarations. If an athlete is not showing in the list, then use the SYNC FROM EA API button. This will retrieve the most recent data from the UKA database. This means that any newly licensed athletes will appear in the list, and you will be able to select them. There are a couple of scenarios as to why some athletes may not show.

Newly Licensed Athletes

If an athlete has only recently paid their subs, then it stands to reason that the license may not have been processed yet. This could be either on the club side or on EA’s side. In this instance you can double check with either of these organisations to make sure the license has been processed. If it has (you can also check the EA checker, although this doesn’t give a 100% accurate picture) then please email OXL to ask them to investigate why the athlete is not showing.

U9 & U11 Age Groups

Unlike all the others, athletes in the U9 and U11 age groups do not need to be licensed to compete in the league. This means that they won’t be retrieved from the EA checker. To get them to show in this list, you need to add them as a member to your club in OpenTrack.

To get U9 and U11 athletes into the declarations list, you need to add them to your club in OpenTrack. Click on the red link to your club. This takes you to your club’s page on OpenTrack.

Adding Athletes to Club Page

You need Club Admin access to add members to your club. You can check if you are a club admin on the Officials tab. If you are not, contact OXL to ask for access. Once you have access, go to the Members tab. From there, there is a BULK ADD MEMBERS button.

Adding Athletes to Club Page

Click this and you a small excel-style form appears. Ignoring National ID, complete the form with the details of the athletes you wish to add.

DOB: dd-mm-yyyy

Gender: M or F

Click SAVE.

Adding Athletes to Club Page

These athletes will now appear in the club page and, once you refresh the declaration page, they will be there to be selected too.

League Administrator Instructions

Sending Access Invitations

As an administrator for the Oxfordshire Cross Country League, you are responsible for assigning access to team managers so they can enter their athletes. To invite people to become Team Managers, find their club from the club listing page. When on a specific club’s page, choose the Officials tab.

Click the ADD OFFICIAL+ button.

Inviting Team Managers

Search for the person in the box at the top of the resulting popup.

Inviting Team Managers2

If the person you are looking for is there, click on them. The boxes beneath will autofill.

If they are not there, click NEW PERSON+ and you can now type in the boxes beneath.

Choose “Team Manager” from the Roles options and then click INVITE. They will receive an invitation via email to become a Team Manager for their club.