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Balkan Championships

This year we are trying to make it really easy to do entries for Balkan Championships!

There are three easy steps, explained more below...

  1. Create accounts on OpenTrack for your national team selectors
  2. Add the athletes likely to compete
  3. do your team declarations

Create an account and get invited to manage your national team

Many people in federations have an account with OpenTrack, maybe because of the European Calendar or Compliance platform (same user/password). If not, please sign up here...

Then, email us on and we will give you rights to manage your national team. Once you have this, you can invite other people.

Add to your National Team

We have a "National Team" organisation for every country in OpenTrack. This is something like a club. To start this off, we queried World Athletics' website for the 30 top-ranked athletes in each country according to World Rankings. You can click through to each team page below...

ALB  -  ARM  -  AUT  -  AZE  -  BIH  -  BUL  -  CRO  -  CYP  -  GEO  -  GRE  -  ISR  -  KOS  -  MLT  -  MKD  -  MDA  -  MNE  -  ROU  -  SLO  -  SMR  -  SRB  -  TUR  -  UKR

First of all, we need to have someone (it can be more than one) with rights to manage this page You can then add anyone you want - U18, U20, masters - who you might need to select in future.

Just click "Bulk Add Members" can ignore the first and last columns... BIH National Team page

Enter teams for championships

Now go to OpenTrack and find the competition (just type "Balkan" into the search box...)

Balkan Senior Championships

Click "Team Declarations" will see a page with the events and all your athletes. It will be filtered by age and gender, so for the U20 mens championships the right side will show all your U20 men.

Select your athletes

Just select people and hit "save", and the organiser will have all your entries!