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Making a Relay Team Entry

When entries are open, you will see the ENTER button on the homepage.

Relay Home Screen

To enter a team, click the RELAY TEAM ENTRIES button. The first screen you will see is the team selection stage.

Relay Home Screen

In this stage, you search in the database for the club that you want to enter. The search function works from the first thing you type. For example, if you wanted to enter Hercules Wimbledon, it would appear if you typed “Hercules” but not if you just typed “Wimbledon”.

Entry Step 1

If the team you want is not in the database, you can email, if you think it should be, i.e., it is a licensed club. Alternatively, click the OR ADD A TEAM NOT IN THE DATABASE and complete the boxes.

Entry Step 2

The team code must be 3-5 characters.

Click CONFIRM to go to the next step.

From Step 2, you select your teams. You will see the events that are available, as set up by the meeting director and the “maximum number of teams”, which refers to how many teams you can enter into each event.

Entry Step 3

Simply type how many teams you wish to enter into each event and then click CONFIRM.

If you exceed the limit, you will be blocked from proceeding until you edit the number appropriately.

Exceeding Limit

The next step is the basket. This is essentially a summary before the T&C and payment stage.

Entry Step 4

Click CONFIRM to proceed. There may be Terms and Conditions to accept before inputting card details and paying.