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Adding Team Managers

Often people will need to be given Team Manager access to that they can make their entries. As the director of the comeptition, you can do this from the Officials tab on the Manage screens.

Simply click the ADD OFFICIAL+ button and the pop-up will appear.

Add Team Manager

Search for the person you wish to give access to. If they appear click their name, and their details will populate in the relevant boxes. If they do not appear, click NEW PERSON. You can now enter their details.

Once you have entered the name and email, choose Team Manager from the "Role" options. You can then search for the club that they need TM access to.

Finally, you can choose whether they just have access for this one competition, or for all future ones. If the latter, click "Make permanent".

Click INVITE and they will be sent an email to accept the invitation and be granted the access.