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You can create a charity collection step in the entry journey if you want to get your participants to donate some money during their entry.

On the PAID ENTRY CONFIG page, there are a few charity options:

Charity Options

  • Show Charity Total - Tick this to have a running total of the donations on the homepage
  • Charity Share of Entry Fee - Input a figure here to specify a percentage of the entry fee to go to charity. 1=100%, 0.5=50%, etc
  • Charity Title - The title of your charity
  • Charity Subtitle - A bit more information about the charity
  • Charity Suggested Donation - A suggested (editable) donation to show in the entry journey.
  • Show UK Gift Aid checkbox
Charity Options

The charity sections show on Step 7 of the entry journey:

Charity - Entry Journey

And the running total appears on the homepage:

Charity - Running Total