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Create Competition

The first thing you'll need to do, whether organising a road race, XC event, track & field meeting, or anything else, is to create the competition.

New Competition Button

Starting from the homepage, click the NEW COMPETITION+ button.

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Search for your club

You may be prompted to sign up or log in at this point.

Filling the Form

Complete the form on the next page.

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Competition Form

Field Descriptions

  • Name (english) - Enter the name of your competition
  • Date - Input the date it will be taking place. If it is a multi-day competition, input the first day. You can add the end date later.
  • Competition Type - Select the type, e.g. track, indoor, XC, etc
  • Organiser - Start typing the organisation (e.g. athletics club) that will be running the competition and then select it from the resulting options.
  • Request new Organiser - If the organisation does not appear in the list above, input the requested organisation here
  • Location - Input the location of the competition, whether it is the track, stadium, HQ, start point, etc
  • Slug - Choose a slug. This is the part of the website URL that identifies your competition. It should be short and obviously related to your competition, e.g. Welsh Indoor Senior Championships could be "wasi". Do not include the year in your slug; it is already elsewhere in the URL. See here for guidance.

Finishing Up

Click CREATE, and your competition will be sent for approval if you have not used OpenTrack before, or if you are a recognised competition organiser you will next be prompted to complete the basic info of your competition.