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Loading Competitors

Click Manage and then choose Competitors from the left hand side.

If you already have competitors loaded in, you can view and edit them here. To edit them, simply click on their name and edit the resulting popup box.

Manage - Competitors Screen

Bulk Loading Competitors

To add competitors in bulk, scroll to the bottom and click BULK ADD / DELETE. (This is easiest done if copying from a pre-prepared spreadsheet).

You will see the following:

Bulk Add Competitors

Input the data as follows, ignoring the columns not mentioned here:

  • Competitor id - This is the "bib number". The system needs to assign a bib number. If you've prepared bib (or ID) numbers in your document, put them in. If not, leave this blank and the system will assign a temporary/fake one (identified as it starts with an underscore) and you can assign numbers later using the Numbering function.
  • National Id - The athlete's national license number. This does not matter if they do not have one or if you do not know it.
  • First Name - As it says
  • Last Name - As it says
  • Gender - Enter M, F, or X
  • Date Of Birth - Format of "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • Team id - 3-5 digit code for their club. Search here if you don't know the codes, or contact if the you can't find one.
  • Nationality - This will default to nationality of competition location unless otherwise stated
  • Event - Input the "Num" from the Event grid of the event(s) they are competing in
  • PB - Enter their PB if you have it. Used for start list info and an automatic "PB!" if they break it in results.
  • SB - Enter their SB if you have it. Used for start list info and seeding purposes.

If your athletes are entering multiple events, repeat the row for the athlete, just changing the Event, PB, SB.

Click SAVE

You can add more of these whenever you want by clicking the BULK ADD / DELETE button. You add just input the new athletes. To remove all just click DELETE ALL.

Adding Individual Competitors

If you just have one or two you wish to add, click the blue "add new competitor" button at the top right of the page:

Individually Add Competitors

You can search for them using the top input bar to see if they are already in our database. If not, input their details.

Complete the form ("Details" & "Events entered" tabs) and hit the SAVE button.

All entries for a specific event will be shown on the respective event page - unseeded entries will be shown at the top of the page.