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Entries - Eligibility


If you head to Manage - Config, then here you can set who is eligible to enter your competition:

Entry Eligibility

  • Athlete Eligibility - This relates to the individual entries. Here you choose whether athletes must be licensed to enter. This only works if OpenTrack has an API to your country's licensing system (or if OpenTrack is your licensing system).
    • Current Federation - license strictly required for entries
    • First claim only - license checked but not required
    • Anyone

If you choose Current Federation - license strictly required for entries and your athletes are not licensed then they will not be able to enter.


Not Licensed - this entry would be rejected until the athlete was licensed

Organisation Type

Choose who you want to be able to enter the race:

Entry Eligibility

  • Allow unattached - Click if athletes can enter without representing a team
  • Allow club/organisation - Click so athletes can choose an organisation to represent
  • Allow adhoc teams - athletes can choose from adhoc teams created by the organiser when in Manage | Teams
  • Allow national teams - provides a dropdown of countries for entrants to choose from
  • Allowed organisation types - If you selected "allow club/organisation", tick the relevant organisation types you want to allow


"Restrictions" Method

You can specifically set restrictions on entries so that only certain clubs can enter competitions. From the Paid Entry Config page:

Entry Restrictions

  • Entry Restricted to clubs - In this grid, input the club code for the teams you wish to allow in the competition.
  • Restriction effect - choose from the avaiable options:
    • Do not allow entry
    • No Rstrictions on entry
    • Mark as non scorer but allow entry
  • Restriction Custom Message - provide some help text to the entrant so they understand why they may not be able to enter
Entry Restrictions

"Teams" Method

For the other method on restricting entries, you need to set the eligibility to "allow ad-hoc teams":

Entry Eligibility

Following this, go to the TEAMS tab and create your teams.


When going through the entry journey, the entrant will now see a dropdown of the allowed teams, so they cannot represent anyone else: