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Advanced Event Configuration

To tailor details for each event individually, scroll down to Advanced Configuration - Per Event at the bottom of the Events tab in Manage. Then click on the event you wish to edit.

This page can also be accessed through the respective event page, and clicking Manage in the top right corner of the page.

Below we describe what each option does - please bear in mind that not all of them will be relevant for your competition.

  • Name - Change the name of the event.
  • Question - Relevant for virtual competitions, question to be displayed when submitting results.
  • CE Scoring Formula - Allows a custom scoring forumla to be created for combined events, using the athletes' performances.
  • Rounds - How many rounds will there be?
  • Day - Which day of the competition is round 1 to be held on? For single day competitions this is just "1".
  • R1 Time - Scheduled time for round 1.
  • R2 Day - Which day of the competition is round 2 to be held on?
  • R2 Time - Scheduled time for round 2.
  • R3 Day - Which day of the competition is round 3 to be held on?
  • R3 Time - Scheduled time for round 3.
  • Heat Time Calculation - Choose from AUTO or MANUAL. AUTO will schedule heats with a reasonable gap between, and MANUAL allows you to edit the times in each heat's individual page.
  • Max per Heat - Set the maximum number of athletes per heat.
  • Seeding Method - Choose from Fastest Last, Fastest First and Championship Heats. For a multi-round competition, use championship heats.
  • Max Field Attempts - As it says.
  • Cut After Round - If there is a cut, list the round after which this happens.
  • Cut Survivors - How many athletes will survive the cut?
  • Qualifying Criteria in Text - For a multi-round competition, what is the qualifying criteria? For example, 2 per heat and 2 fastest losers.
  • Qualifiers from each Heat - How many athletes qualify automatically? Please enter a number.
  • Fastest Losers - How many athletes qualify as a fastest loser? Please enter a number.
  • Team Types - Which organisations can compete in this event, if different from the overall competition? The default is Competition Default but can be changed to Clubs, National Teams and Ad-Hoc.
  • Record Text - Who is the meeting record holder, and when was the record set?
  • Record Performance - What is the meeting record performance?
  • Minimum Performance - Restrict who can enter the competition, by entering a minimum time/distance. Useful if you have multiple pools, or have an elite only event within the competition.
  • Maximum Performance - Restrict who can enter the competition, by entering a maximum time/distance.
  • Call Room - Enable or disable the call room feature for this event only.
  • Call Room Time Override - Change the time prior to the event start to end the call room, for this event only.
  • Show Form Guide? - Display extra information about competitors, from Tilastopaja.

    Further options available are:
    • Renumber event - Change the event ID, but ensuring it doesn't clash with an existing event.
    • Merge Events - Choose to merge events of the same discipline. For example, a competition has two pools of the long jump - for seniors and juniors. You as the organiser then decides to combine these pools into one event. A test run can be performed if desired.