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Editing Start Times

There are a few ways to change the start time of an event:

Editing Round 1 / Heat 1

From the event grid you can change the start time of the first round of an event. This is done by editing the R1 column and then saving.

Manage - Events Screen

Editing Round 1,2,3 / Heat 1

From the events advanced config screen, you can edit many further aspects of your events. From here you can adjust what day of the competition certain rounds are on and what the start time of the first heat of those rounds is.

Manage - Events Advanced Config

Editing Individual Heat Start Times

The system automatically calculates a sensible gap between heats when you initially load your events into the system. For example, a 3 minute gap is initially given between 100m races.

However, sometimes this may be different and the race organiser may want to adjust these to be accurate.

1) From the advanced config of the event, make sure the heat_time_calculation is set to MANUAL.

Manage - Events Advanced Config

2) Go to the event and choose one of the edit options for the heat you wish to edit the time for, e.g. EDIT BY LANE, EDIT RESULTS or EDIT BY PLACE.

Edit Results

3) Edit the Scheduled start time and then Save.