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Entry & Event Limits

Restricting Number of Events

To set a limit on the number of events that an athlete can enter, go to the Paid Entry Config page:

Entry Limits

Set a limit by inputting a number in the Maximum events per athlete box and then hitting SAVE.

Restricting Number of People

To set a limit on the number of people that can enter an event, go to the EVENTS page:

Event Limit

In the LIMIT column input the maximum number of people that can enter the event in that row and then click SAVE.

When the event is nearing it's limit, a message will appear on the competition homepage warning people that the event is nearly full.

Restricting Entry based on Performance

It is possible to apply a restriction to entries so people can only enter certain events if they have an appropriate performance.

From the EVENTS page, scroll down to the Adv Config, and select the event you wish to apply the restriction to. Toward the bottom of this form, there is a Maximum performance option:

Performance Limits

Input the performance limit and SAVE. If your entrant now tries to enter the selected event but the performance they input is not good enough, they will get a warning message.

Performance Limits