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Numbering Management Screen

We have what we hope is the most versatile numbering system possible, to allow you to number athletes for your meeting as you desire.

Numbering screen

There are four different sets of options to choose from:

Numbering System

  • Unique numbers, automatic — Gives a unique number to each athlete in the competition
  • Unique numbers, assigned manually — Does no automatic numbering — allows manual numbers to be assigned
  • Repeat for each gender — Numbers men and women independently (there will be a numer 1, 2, etc. for males and females)
  • Repeat for each age group — Numbers each age group independently (there will be a number 1, 2, etc. for senior athletes, U20 athletes, etc.)
  • Repeat for each category — Numbers each category independently (there will be a number 1, 2, etc. for SM, SW, M35, W35, etc.)


Order is the priority in which you want numbers to be assigned (i.e. order by surname first, then first name, etc.)

You can set up to 5 different criteria from the following:

  • Alphabetical on family/last name
  • Alphabetical on first/personal name
  • By date of birth (oldest first)
  • Event (short sprints first)
  • Age group (youngest first)
  • Age group (oldest first)
  • Gender
  • Category
  • Team or club code
  • Performance — Orders athletes on qualifying performance

Numbers Available

You are able to set a range, or multiple ranges, from which to number competitors.

This can be useful if you have physical numbers left over from a previous competition; you can specify to use these numbers — e.g. '50-75,129-171'.

Otherwise, you will usually want to leave it as '1+'.

Event IDs

You are able to select which events you want to number. Just enter the event ID (seen in the first column of the events grid, in Events/Scoring options), or even multiple, each separated by a comma.


If blank, all events will be numbered

Late Numbering

If you get more participants after you have numbered the majority, you do not need to start again. Simply hit save again (unless you want to change your configuration) and it will number all those without bibs.

If you wish to just add a few numbers individually, you can do this by clicking on individual athletes on the Manage Competitors page.

Clearing Numbers

If at any point you want to start from scratch, just click the red 'Clear Numbers' button.


This will remove all numbers from all competitors.