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Team Entries

The team entries feature allows team managers to quickly enter (and pay, if necessary) members of their club in one go.

Opening Entries

To open the feature, go to the PAID ENTRY CONFIG page and select "Open for entries" from the Team Entries status.

Opening Entries

The Team Entries button, along with the countdown until their closure (set from the Closing date and Closing time of day) now appears on the competition homepage:

Opening Entries

Who can Enter?

As with normal individual entries, you can choose the eligibility for athletes.

If you head to Manage - Config, then here you can set who is eligible to enter your competition:

Entry Eligibility

  • Athlete Eligibility - This relates to the individual entries. Here you choose whether athletes must be licensed to enter. This only works if OpenTrack has an API to your country's licensing system (or if OpenTrack is your licensing system).
    • Current Federation - license strictly required for entries
    • First claim only - license checked but not required
    • Anyone

If you choose Anyone then, as well as the athlete feed from EA, there is a ADD ATHLETE button available to add competitors into the list.

Entering Athletes

If you choose Current Federation or First claim only, this button does not appear.