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PB / SB Data

Personal Best & Season's Best data is important for seeding and information purposes. It can be collected via two means.

Entry Form

On the PAID ENTRY CONFIG form there are a few options for collecting performance data.


For the Qualifying Performance box and PB/SB box, select from the dropdown options of:

  • Optional
  • Required
  • Not Shown

They behave as you would expect in the entry journey.

When you have selected Optional or Required then the options appear in the entry journey for entrants to input the their info.


If there is a match between the athlete details entered and those in Power of 10 or Tilastopaja, then the information will be returned automatically. It can still be edited though.

Database Lookup

If competitor data is missing, it is possible to attempt to retrieve competitor data from Power of 10 or Tilastopaja. From the COMPETITORS page, click the ACTIONS button and choose TILASTOPAJA / PO10 PB LOOKUP. This will look through your competitors and, if there are matches, retrieve the data from the statistics websites.


Competitor Loading

It is possible for a race director to manually input data for a competitor.

From the COMPETITOR page, search for and click on the athlete you wish to edit. From the resulting pop-up, go to the second tab labelled EVENTS ENTERED.


From this screen you can input the data for the athletes and then SAVE.