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Call Room / Per Event Check-in

Call Room

This feature is essentially used as a call room. Organisers can check athletes in so they know they have arrived "at an event". If using this feature, athletes cannot be put into a start list (unless done manually) until checked in.

To turn on the feature, head to the CONFIG page from the MANAGE screens. From here, check the "require checkins per event" button and then click SAVE.

Call Room

If you now head to the Event page for the event that you want to check athletes in for there will be a CALL ROOM button.

Call Room

If you click this, you get to the Call Room page.

Call Room

You can now check in athletes individually by ticking the X. Once done, a green tick replaces it.

Call Room

You can also CHECK ALL VISIBLE to save time if everyone has arrived.

If using this feature, you cannot seed the athletes that have not been checked in. In the example below, no athletes have been checked in.

Call Room

Individual Event

You can have the call room turned on for just one, or a few events. From the EVENTS page, scroll down to the Adv Config section and choose the event in question. Toward the bottom of the form, you can activate the Call Room for just this event.

Call Room - Individual Event

Call Room / Whole Competition Check in Combo

You can use both the require checkins per event and require checkins for whole competition features.

Check in features

When using both, the athlete has to be checked in to the competiiton before they can be checked into the event for the call room.

For example, if no athletes have been checked into the competition yet and you go to the call room then there will be no-one in there to check in.

Using both check-in features