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Check-in for Entire Competition

This feature is helpful for organisers to know when an athlete has arrived at a stadium. It is often used at a registration desk when bib numbers are collected. If using this feature, athletes cannot be put into a start list (unless done manually) until checked in.

To turn on the feature, head to the CONFIG page from the MANAGE screens. From here, check the "require checkins for whole competition" button and then click SAVE.


Now head to the COMPETITORS page and you will see the "Chk-in" column has now appeared.


You can now tick the X to check the athletes in. Once done, a green tick replaces it.


If you would rather check in all athletes and just check them out if they do not turn up then you xan click the CHECK IN ALL ATHLETES button.

Check-in all athletes

To reverse this, simply click the CHECK OUT ALL ATHLETES button.

Check-out all athletes

Once some athletes are checked in, you can now also check in the athletes for individual events by clicking the CHECKIN EVENTS button. This is not necessary uness you also want to run the CALL ROOM (individual event check in) too.

The 10000m has been ticked here