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Vertical Field Events - Post Event Input

If you wish to input the result post-event, then data can still be inputted quickly and easily. Some officials will prepare to complete a field card and allow someone else to input the data after. This does not allow spectators to see the event unfolding but will still get your results onto the web quickly.

Head to the event you want to input for from the event page.

There is no need to specify a start list if just inputting the data post event. The system will look up the bib number input from the competitor list and return the correct data regardless of a start list being created or not.


Edit by Place

You will then see the input screen, which is defaulted to the "Summary" page:

Results Input

On this page, you can just input the "BEST" performance of each athlete by specifying the bib and the height in the relevant columns. Alternatively, click "DETAILS".

Results Input

From this page you can begin to input the information from the field card.

  • Input the height of the bar in the bar on the right and then click the ADD HEIGHT button.
Results Input

  • The height will then appear in the grid:
Results Input

  • You can now start to input the results by inputting the bib numbers of the athletes taking part and their performances:
Results Input

  • Input the results as you would expect them in a field card. You can add further heights to the table by using the box on the right.
  • If you would rather, you can add all the heights in one go and then copy the results in from a spreadsheet.

Hit SAVE when finished.