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Post Track Race Results Input

If you do not wish to use the photo finish software integration and just want to input your results manually, this can be done very quickly and efficiently.

For a visual representation, here is a video demonstrating the process, as well as the documentation below it:

From your Competition homepage, navigate to the events list by clicking Start Lists / Results, Results or Start Lists depending on what stage your events are at. Choose the event in question. In this example, we are looking at a 400m.

You can see below that the competitors have been brought into a start list. However, if you are entering results post event, there is no necessity to do this. It is only really nice to have so athletes or fans can see the list before the event

Start List

Click either EDIT BY LANE or EDIT RESULTS. They both do a similar thing but with a slightly different layout. By Lane is often used in track races where it is easier to input results handed to you in lane order.

In this example, we will look at EDIT RESULTS.

Edit Results

You simply need to either type in, or copy and paste (from an excel document) the bib number and performance (time). The system will lookup the athlete details from the bib number; there's no need to include the athlete details.

Make sure you input the results in the correct time format. For example:

  • 9.58 - seconds
  • 58.5 - seconds
  • 63.5 - seconds
  • 1:03.5 - equivalent to 63.5, first digit assumed to be minutes
  • 2:03 - assumed to be an 800m time of 2 minutes, and not a Marathon, because only one colon
  • 2:02:57 - a marathon time, two colons so contains hours 73:15 - a half marathon time, equivalent to 1:03:15

If entering an ultra event, you'll need to count up the hours!

When you're done click SAVE and the Place and athlete details will be calculated:

Saved Results

You can now go back and view the public view. (Bear in mind that the public will not see the editable info on the right side of the screen below).

Results Screen

As you can see, the automatic PB! notification has displayed for two athletes.