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Road Relay Results

There are a couple of methods of inputting results. However, before you input any results, you need to assign bib numbers to your teams.


When Team Managers make relay entries then teams are automatically created in the TEAMS section of the Manage screens. They are visible in the RELAY TEAM DECLARATIONS section.


Results require a bib number to be input, alongside a performance (and splits). The teams that are created are automatically given a bib number. As seen from the image above, the bibs assigned consist of the combination of the club code and the letter relevant to the team number. So, the first Belgrave team would be BEL-A. If your relay teams have a “real” bib number that is physically worn on the club vests, then this can be assigned:

Assign Bib Numbers

Once you are ready to start inputting results, there are two methods: Matrix & Time Series (Ekiden).

Results Input Options

Matrix Input

The Matrix input has a standard grid input format. The required fields are bib and performance. You can either type into the boxes or copy and paste from an excel document.

Results Input

The bib will either be the assigned bib (e.g., BEL-A) or one that you have specified) so ensure you input the correct bib as per the Teams section.

The performance is in a standard format so make sure that this is followed appropriately. For example, use semi-colons to separate hours & minutes and minutes & seconds.

2:05:45 is 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 45 seconds. 2:05.45 would be 2 minutes 5.45 seconds.

The results do not need to be input in time order; the system calculates the winner automatically.

Splits are optional and should be input as per the image above, i.e., the cumulative time. The system will calculate the individual times based on what is input.

Results Input

Time Series

The input for the Time Series (or Ekiden style) format requires similar information to the Matrix one. The input looks as follows:

Results Input

Simply input the bib (either the automatically generated one or the one manually assigned) alongside the individual performance of each athlete. So, if it is a 12x5K relay, you would input the same team bib 12 times along with each athlete’s performance. The results do not need to be input in any specific order; the system will calculate it correctly.

Results View

The results are viewable in a standard format along with filtering by each individual leg.

They can also be viewed in a Stage Evolution format to see which team was winning after each leg.

Results View

There is also a Fastest Leg tab to show who were the quickest runners overall.

Results Input