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Combined Events Scoring


For combined events, select the third tab to select the relevant scoring method for your competition.

Simply select the scoring table you wish to apply for your combined events and click SAVE


If there are multiple combined events during your competition, and some require different scoring methods to others (eg. Introducing WMA factors for Masters athletes, or the English Schools 800m factor), then click ADVANCED. This allows you to change the scoring method for individual combined events.

Simply select the scoring table for the event you wish to be different and click SAVE.

Custom Formula

If a specific event within a combined event uses a different scoring method then you can specify this via the custom formula method. For example, if, for some reason, you wish to score the heptathlon as per normal IAAF rules, except for the high jump, which has a different formula, then you need to use this method.

1) Firstly select standard IAAF scoring for the HEP, as described above. 2) Go to the EVENTS page and then scroll down and choose the Advanced Configuration for the event in question. So, in this example it would be the HJ for the HEP.

Custom Formula

The custom formula will always override any other scoring method selected. So, you keep IAAF as the standard scoring for the HEP but input your individual formula for the HJ and then click SAVE.