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The first thing to do before setting up the scoring system is to define what teams will be taking part in the scoring competition.

Head to the Teams tab on the left hand side, and specify the competing teams. In this example we are looking at an indoor match between Wales & England from 2019.

Teams Entered

Only England and Wales have been designated to participate in the match - as shown by the WAII. This means that only athletes competing for England & Wales will be included in team score calculations.

To do this, first enter your teams, so click ADD+. You will see the following screen:

Add Teams

If your team is in the database, just search for it and click it when it appears. If it is ad-hoc for this competition, click Ad-Hoc and fill in the details.

Contact for the Flag url.

Pre-Configured Scoring

These scoring methods are primarily for track and field and they are all bespoke.

Simply click on the method you want to use.

Scoring Systems

Click SAVE when done.


Examples of systems already coded:

  • Welsh Indoor Intl (5-3-2-1): 2 Competing Teams, Winner = 5, Second = 3, Third = 2, Fourth = 1

  • 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 based on position in final: As it says

  • 6-5-4-3-2-1 based on position in final: As it says

  • Bosnian (Winner points = Number of teams): Points are defined by the number of teams in the event. If you have 16 teams, 1st place in an event would get 16 points, with 16th place receiving 1 point and everything in-between.

  • Welsh League (Winner points = 2 x Num teams, B string = 1x): Points are scored per age group and then all added up at the end of the event to provide age group and overall scores. Age groups include U17, U20 and SEN (Masters age groups are included with the seniors). Points scored are defined by the number of teams in the event. Each team can have an A & B string scorer. The A string scorer receives double points per position based on number of teams, whilst B scorer gets 1 times. For example if you have 10 teams and your A String winner comes 3rd they will receive 16 points (1st gets 20, 2nd gets 18, etc etc). A 3rd place B string would get 8 (4th gets 7, 5th gets 6).

If you have a competition where you need a specific scoring system then we can code this for you. Please email