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Documentation for the Paid Entry System

Here is a demonstration of setting up the entry process. However, please do read through the documentation as well for an in-depth explanation of the settings.

Click "Manage" from your homepage and then choose Paid Entry Config from the left hand side

Most fields are important here but ignore the ones not mentioned:

  • Opening date - What day you want entries to open
  • Closing date - Date to automatically close entries
  • Closing time of day - Time of day on above date
  • Indiv. Entries Status - Manually change the entries status between the three drop down options
  • Fee Currency - Leave blank as it automatically sets to your country's currency
  • Price per Event - Put the standard price for your meeting. Do not put the currency symbol. If your event is free, leave it blank and jump to "Chargeable Extras".
  • Per Event Surcharges - This grid applies the price modification (discount or surcharge) for every event an athlete enters. For example, if they enter 3 events, the modification will be applied for all 3.
    • Choose the "Kind" from the dropdown list. This will specify what type of item the modification is based on: Club, age group, event type, specific event, custom questions
    • Type the "Value". This will be the specific item that the price is being modified for. Examples:
      • TEAM=BEL
      • AGE_GROUP=U15
      • EVENT_CODE=10k
      • EVENT_ID=R1 (this depends what you label your events as)
      • Q1, Q2, Q3: Choose "Options" from your "Custom Questions" grid
  • Per Person Surcharges - As above but the discount is just applied once to the athlete
  • Price mod. 2+ events - Discount applied for second events. E.g. "-5.00" will mean the second event is 5.00 less than "Price per event"
  • Price mod for license - Apply a discount for those with a national license
  • Early discount date 1 -Set the date for then the early discount ends
  • Price mod. date 1 - Set the discount for the above
  • Early discount date 2 - Set the date for when the second early discount ends
  • Price mod. date 1 - (should read "2") - Set the discount for the above
  • Chargeable Extras - Add in any extras that you might want to sell. Often more relevant for traditional races!
    • Name - Name of your extra, e.g. "Medal"
    • Options - E.g. "Small,Medium,Large" for a t-shirt. Entrants choose from a dropdown list
    • Price - How much it costs
  • Contact details - Enter your (the organiser's) email address. OpenTrack are not the first enquiry contact for your entrants!
  • Add an athlete - help text - Help text to apply to first stage of entry journey when entrants are adding athletes
  • Step 1 - help text - Help text added when confirming athlete details
  • Step 2 help text - Help text when choosing club
  • Step 3 help text - Help text when choosing events
  • Step 4 help text - This step is only valid for Norway (and is not yet implemented 28/04/2020)
  • Step 5 help text - Help text for chargeable extras
  • Step 6 help text - Help text for custom questions
  • Charity donations help text - Help text for charity donations page
  • Step 7 help text - in case of emergency details. You must tick the relevant box below
  • Basket help text - Help text before payment/confirmation when athletes have their basket showing
  • T & C text - Edit your T&Cs
  • Qualifying Performance box - Performances from within last 2 seasons automatically fetched for athletes that are in Po10 or Tilastopaja. Primarily used for seeding. Choose from dropdown list.
  • PB / SB box - Automatically fetched for athletes that are in Po10 or Tilastopaja. Choose from dropdown list.
  • Require Emergency Contact info - click this if you need emergency contact details collected
  • Require postal address - As it says
  • Require postcode - As it says
  • Charity Share of Entry Fee - If charging an entry fee, you can automatically allocate an amount of it to go to charity. Enter a figure between 0.0 and 1.0. For example, if you are charging an £8 entry fee and £6 goes to charity, you would enter 0.75.
  • Charity Title - Enter your Charity
  • Charity Subtitle - Subtitle / further info
  • Charity Suggested Donation - Suggests an amount for the entrant to donate. They can change it
  • Custom Questions - Extra question you want to ask your entrants:
    • Label - Type your question
    • Typ - Choose from the drop down for the type of answer required
    • Options - If it is a closed question, type the available options and separate them separate by a comma


If you head to Manage->Config, then here you can set who is eligible to enter:

  • Athlete Eligibility - This relates to the individual entries. Here you can choose whether athletes must be licensed to enter. This only works if OpenTrack has an API to your country's licensing system. If it doesn't, just choose option 6 "anyone".
    • Choose from options:
      • 1 - Must be licensed to enter
      • 2 - A warning is issued if not licensed but they can still enter
      • 6 - Anyone can enter

Choose who you want to be able to enter the race:

  • Allow unattached - Click if athletes can enter without representing a team
  • Allow club/organisation - Click so athletes can choose an organisation to represent
  • Allow adhoc teams - athletes can choose from adhoc teams created by the organiser
  • Allow national teams - provides a dropdown of countries for entrants to choose from
  • Allowed organisation types - If you selected "allow club/organisation", tick the relevant organisation types you want to allow

If you want to check your entry journey is as you'd expect you can just make a test entry the next day on the test server.

Here is an example of the entry process for a Virtual Race: