TV Console

Make sure you type in . You can't forget the "https://" as it will not redirect you otherwise. This can be displayed atop a live tv feed, here is an example:

With this you don't need a full team of professionals, obviously the quality wont be the same as a full team, but you get what you need to display a timetable, start list, results and scores. You can also add a timer in the bottom right or display a logo.

Use the Left and Right button to hide or display the control panel.

There are several options you can select from such as the show blank background option. This option allows you to remove the default stadium picture to get a solid colour which you can subtract so you can display your live feed. You can also choose an API Mode: Live for live feeds.

By altering the country and year options we get different sets of meetings and events that we can display results for.

The meeting and event tabs allow you to specify the actual events you want to show the different screens for: results, start lists, etc.