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TV Console


The TV Console is a tool that allows you to add overlays to your broadcast of a competition, it includes options to display relevant event information right over the competition like the image below, features for timetables, start lists, results, team scoring and logos along with other features such as a timer overlay can be added to your broadcast.

TV Console overlay

Using the left and right arrow keys you can display or hide the menu for the event, other key-bindings exist so this menu does not need to be opened mid-broadcast.

Settings Menu

There are several options you can select from such as the Show Blank Background? option. This option allows you to remove the default stadium picture to get a solid colour which you can subtract so you can display all overlay options right on top of your live feed, the solid colour can be customised with the Background Colour feature.

TV Console settings

You can also choose an API Mode: Live for live feeds.

  • Country = Identify the relevant country of the competition.

  • Year = Identify the relevant year the competition is run in.

  • Language = For competitions in places like Cyprus where some names have special characters.

  • Transitions = smooth transitions between different frames shown

  • Screen cursor = Hide cursor whilst on the screen so people cannot see it in the broadcast


As you can see the timer can be shown, hidden, started, stopped or reset over any kind of screen you would want.

TV Console timer

Competition Selection Menu

Get Meeting List will allow you to retrieve an updated list of competitions to choose from. Alphabetical and Chronological options for sorting exist to help find the competition you wish to broadcast.

TV Console competitions

Event Selection Menu

Here we have a list of events which you can narrow by days, by choosing the events that you're interested in you will be able to start selecting the competitions screens that you want to display during the broadcast.

TV Console events

Screen Selection Menu

Below we can see the list of relevant screens and options that you can display during your broadcast.

TV Console screens

You can press the following letters on your keyboard to display these different screens:

  • T = Timetable = Timetable of events
  • B = Scores = Team scores screen
  • L = Logo = Customisable logo can be selected
  • S = Start List = Start list for the event chosen in the relevant competition
  • R = Results = Results for the event chosen in the relevant competition

Scoring Page

The scores screen allows you to display the results of the scoring for your event, scoring type is specified in your competition's MANAGE > SCORING page where you can set the Scoring System. Below you can see an example from the Welsh Athletics 2019 Indoor International.

TV Console scores

This shows you the scores for teams selected.