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Basic Information

This is the first page you will see after creating your competition and the first page on the MANAGE screens. It is here that all the initial information regarding your competition can be input and edited.

This screen is quite long and not all the information will be relevant. Just pay attention to the sections listed below and the rest can be ignored. The page is due to be redesigned shortly (written 22/12/2021).

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Basic Tab

Some fields will already be populated with information from the competiton creation form.

  • Full Name - The full name of your competition
  • Short Name - If the name of your competition is long, enter a shorter version here that will be displayed on certain screens
  • Slug - You can change the slug here. This is the part of the website URL that identifies your competition. It should be short and obviously related to your competition, e.g. Welsh Indoor Senior Championships could be "wasi". Do not include the year in your slug; it is alrready elsewhere in the URL. See here for guidance.
  • Home Country - If in the UK, enter whether the competition is in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. Ignore this field if outside the UK.
  • Address - This is used if the "venue" is not set. It will be the display text above the map, which, in the absence of "venue" will be set from the Longitude and Latitude.
  • Venue - If the location is a stadium or athletics track, you can choose it from the list. This is the primary "map setter"
  • Date - Start date
  • Finish Date - Last day of competition
  • Type - Edit the type here (e.g. track, indoor, road, XC, etc)
  • Longitude - Edit this to change the map location and display text above it. This is used if the "venue" field is not.
  • Latitude - Edit this to change the map location and display text above it. This is used if the "venue" field is not.
  • Is demo - Check this box to hide the competition from public listings
  • Organiser - Edit the organiser
  • Contact email - For display on the competition homepage. This will be the first point of contact for competition assistance.
  • Display organiser logo - Choose whether to display the organisation logo at the top left of every page. If you do not have one loaded, you can send a .png file (160x160 resolution) to
  • Custom image - Upload an image to be displayed on the homepage
  • Cancelled - Check this if the meeting has been cancelled but you wish for it to remain listed