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Event Pricing

To set the pricing for your events, go to the Paid Entry Config page. The pricing works by setting a "base" price for the events and then applying surcharges and reductions.

Base Pricing


  • Fee currency - This will default to the currency of the country the competition it is in. Leave this blank unless you wish to take payment in a different currency
  • Price per Event - Set the standard / base price for your events

Surcharges / Reductions

There are various ways to apply changes to the base price.


  • Per Event Surcharges - This grid applies a price modification (discount or surcharge) for every event an athlete enters. For example, if they enter 3 events, the modification will be applied for all 3. If you are applying the same surcharge to multiple items, for example a £2 discount to athletes entering the HJ or the LJ, then please enter each item in separate rows.
    • Choose the "Kind" from the dropdown list. This will specify what type of item the modification is based on: Club, age group, event type, specific event, custom questions
    • Type the "Value". This will be the specific item that the price is being modified for. Examples:
      • TEAM=BEL
      • AGE_GROUP=U15
      • EVENT_CODE=10K
      • EVENT_ID=R1 (this depends what you label your events as)
      • Q1, Q2, Q3: Choose "Options" from your Custom Questions grid
        • Applying modifiers based on closed (multiple choice answer) questions gives the option for very bespoke pricing.
    • Define the "Change". This will be something like "2.00" or "-2.00" for an additonal £2 or reduction of £2, respectively
  • Per Person Surcharges - As above but the discount is just applied just once to the athlete, regardless of the number of events entered
  • Price mod. 2+ events - Discount applied for additional events. E.g. "-5.00" will mean the second event is 5.00 less than "Price per event". This will be true for all additional events.
  • Price mod for license - Apply a discount for those with a national license
  • Early discount date 1 - Set the date for when the early discount ends
  • Price mod. date 1 - Set the discount for the above
  • Early discount date 2 - Set the date for when the second early discount ends
  • Price mod. date 1 - (should read "2") - Set the discount for the above


In this example below, if the base price of the event was £10, a U17 Belgrave athlete who answered "Yes" to Question 1 would pay £10.50.