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Advancing through Rounds


When you have a championship competition, it is likely you will need your comeptitors to advance through rounds, as they progress further into the competition.

It is possible to set this up on OpenTrack but currently (as of 2601/2022) there are some limitations, which will be explained below.

First thing to do is to set your events up with the heat/round structure correctly. In the example below the event has 2 rounds with 2 heats in round 1 and then 1 final.

Event Setup

The limitation mentioned above means that the automatic round advancement on OpenTrack currently only works when there is: a) only 2 rounds b) round 2 has only one heat

So, your setup can only be "2,1", "4,1", "6,1" or similar.

Once your event set up is done, you can add some display text for the event in Advanced Config so your spectators can see the qualifying / progression criteria. This will be displayed on the event page so can be seen on the Start List and Results.

Event Setup

Following the event set up, and once your competitors are seeded, you'll then have a start list:

Start List

You can then input results, whether it is Manually or via PhotoFinish:


Once results are in, you can easily see, via the summary, which athletes qualify for the next round. Navigate to the EDIT BY LANE function and in the Advancement column, choose from the dropdown of Q, q, qJ or qR.


Save this once done and repeat for the other heats.


Following this click the ADVANCE TO FINAL button.


The athletes will then progress into the correct lanes for the final.



If you have 3+ rounds or your final round has more than one heat then the ADVANCE TO FINAL button will not appear.

You will need to manually create the start list for the future races using the EDIT BY LANE function.

Fully automated heat/round advances is on the OpenTrack wishlist (26/01/2022)