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Road / Cross Country Results Input

When a competition type is specified as Road or Cross Country (MANAGE - BASIC) page then the post event results input page will look slightly different to track results input.

Results input for XC and road races have been simpler. Often with these races, the race has finished and the results are in but the times have not yet been finalised.

To input the results, either type in or copy and paste, from a spreadsheet, the bib number and the place. The performance (time) is optional.

Make sure you input the results in the correct time format. For example:

  • 9.58 - seconds
  • 58.5 - seconds
  • 63.5 - seconds
  • 1:03.5 - equivalent to 63.5, first digit assumed to be minutes
  • 2:03 - assumed to be an 800m time of 2 minutes, and not a Marathon, because only one colon
  • 2:02:57 - a marathon time, two colons so contains hours 73:15 - a half marathon time, equivalent to 1:03:15

If entering an ultra event, you'll need to count up the hours!

When you're done click SAVE and the Place and athlete details will be calculated: