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Road Relay Setup

When organising a road or XC relay competition, there are specific setup stages that need to be followed to ensure that Team Managers can make their entries and that results can be uploaded.

Initial Setup

Frist thing to do is to select the Competition Type as either “Road” or “Cross-Country”, depending on which is relevant.

You do this on the COMPEITTION DETAILS tab in the Manage screens. Make sure you Save once you have changed this.

You can then configure your events for your competition. See the manual for the event grid setup. An example event grid for relays can be seen below:

Relay Events

Entry Configuration

Once the events have been setup, you can configure your pricing and entry configuration. This is done in the ENTRY PAYMENTS section of the Manage screens. The pricing for a relay is tied into a per person price. So, for example, if a 4x5000 relay team should cost £20 and you would input “5.00” into the “Price per event” box.

Relay Pricing

The entry status and opening date can be ignored as this refers to the individual entry journey. However, you do need to complete “closing date” and “closing time of day”.

You can then move down to the Paid Road / XC Relay Entry section.

Relay Entry Configuration

On this page there are 3 configurable options:

  • Relay Team Entries Status
    • Not open yet
    • Open for entries
    • Entries have closed
  • Limit relay enteries per event
    • Put a limit on how many teams can be made per team per event. For example, if you only want 4 teams (for each club) to be able to run in an event, put 4.
  • Runners in reserve
    • This refers to declarations. It dictates how many runners, over and above the number in the race, a TM can declare. For example, if it was a 4x5K relay but you wanted the TM to be able to declare 10 runners, you would put 6.

Remember to click Save whenever making any changes.

You can also create Terms & Conditions that entrants must accept before confirming their entry. This is on the Individual Entry Journey section.

You can view what the entry journey looks like here.

Once you are ready for your declarations to open, please close your relay team entries.

You can view the relay entries via the Competitors -> Relay Entries page. Whenever an entry is made, the teams are created in the Teams section.

Declarations Configuration

Please note that entries must be closed for declarations to open. So, firstly either close your entries or make sure that they are closed. Once they are closed, go to the TEAM DECLARATION section.

Open Declarations

The relevant sections for relays are:

  • Team Declarations status:
    • Not open yet
    • Open for entries
    • Entries have closed
  • Team Declarations close when?
    • Choose from the relevant options
  • Restricted set of teams:
    • Check this box. This means that only teams that have been entered through the entry journey can make declarations
  • Enable paid team entry features:
    • This box is only relevant if declarations are tied into payments, i.e., you pay per declared athlete. As teams are paid for here, leave this unchecked.

N.B. The other options are not relevant for relays.

Make sure you click Save when done.

Declarations will automatically close depending on the option you chose.

The Eligibility section of the entry setup is to configure who can be declared by a team manager. It is self-explanatory: - Current federation – license strictly required – only licensed athletes belonging to that club can be selected - First claim only – license checked but not required - Anyone

You can view the declaration process here.